Bad Forex Tips

Useless Forex tools and tips for beginners who do not work

Learning to filter Forex tips: why not complicate trading with advisers, trading systems and complex indicators. Psychological self-deception in the search for signals.

Each novice trader wants to find the “Grail” – a tool, strategy, advice that will help him earn literally with the click of a button. This is used by “good mentors” who have developed hundreds of strategies, trading systems, courses and webinars for successful trading for beginners. Alas, all this in most cases is useless Forex tools that have nothing to do with practice. In this review, you will learn why trading is not worth the hassle, what tools should not be wasted time, and what kind of advice under the guise of “professional” is actually useless, as well as how traders are engaged in self-deception. The review is subjective, so join in the comments on the discussion.

Useless Forex tools and tips of “professionals” that are better to ignore

Indicators, trading advisors, trading systems are Forex trader tools, about which hundreds of articles have been written on the Internet. Rules for building system trading, principles for optimizing advisors, analysis of trade efficiency … Hundreds of combined indicators that most have not even heard of, patterns, graphical analysis, news trading.

Is the brain already boiling from the flow of information? So, throw out all that is superfluous from your head – it will not help you anyway. No, the point is not that I doubt your abilities, everything is simpler – no need to complicate life. Professional traders instantly see signals and build a trading strategy, while novice traders try to find a “100% working tool, indicator, strategy”, but they do not exist. The forex industry has long overgrown with a load of useless information, which has nothing to do with practice and has one goal: to attract as many newcomers to trading as possible and make money on them.

  • This article is purely subjective. Perhaps somewhere in my thoughts, I will exaggerate, going too far, but this is just a wonderful reason to continue the discussion in the comments.

In this review, we’ll talk about the futility of using most Forex tools, about “professional” tips (often found on the Internet) that don’t work, and how to correctly see signals and how to avoid self-deception.


Each trader has his own head on his shoulders. You can read dozens of books and recommendations, but still, get a loss. And you can find your place and by accumulating experience become a professional. The secret to success is simple: listen to yourself, try to delve deeply into what is being used and what is happening, follow a clear plan and not complicate anything. I think that in this review there are many rather controversial points that I propose to discuss in the comments.

Have a nice and successful trading!

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